what makes a bad website? most common mistakes to avoid.

what makes a bad website

Introduction :

If you ask me about the most potent tool for branding, my answer would be a website. Nowadays, any type of business requires a website. Whether you are making a website for marketing, whether it is a blog for AdSense, whether it is a website for your personal business, or whether it is an educational site, you don’t want it bad. And from the word bad here, I don’t mean a website that is bad in looks or in design. I mean, any site that makes its visitor not to come back again is bad. We make common mistakes while creating and managing the website that leads to site failure. If you have any website that is not getting the desired number of visitors, you are making some mistakes.

In this article about bad websites, I will talk about the common mistakes that we make while creating and managing the site. Some websites require proper design, while some require better functionality. It depends on our purpose in making a site. If you are making a site for music band, of course, this kind of site requires excellent skill in designing, but if you are making a website on hospital management, it involves more functionality than a good design, but still, there are some common errors that we should avoid while creating a site.

What makes a bad website?

Following are the factors that make a bad website

Not a user-friendly site :

The first mistake you can make while creating a site is not user-friendly. It means when a user comes on your site, he finds it challenging to navigate. Maybe your website has an outdated theme that making it difficult to navigate. Maybe your font style is making it difficult to read a post. It can be anything like the theme, font, and design. The user must not find it challenging to look for the desired information from the site. Another disadvantage of not a user-friendly website is a search engine sees it challenging to crawl a site. If you are making your site for AdSense, you must make a user-friendly site.

How to fix it?

You can follow these steps to create a user-friendly site.

  • Use a user-friendly theme
  • Make categories of articles
  • Use sans serif font for posts
  • Add about and contact pages in the top bar
  • Use a good color scheme.

Site is not responsive :

Your website must give a proper display on every device. If you are already running a site, you must know that mobile users are increasing day by day. Most people access websites through their smartphone, so if your site does not show proper display on the phone user will leave your site and go to your competitor. Responsiveness is a crucial element you should consider while making a site. If your website is not responsive, you will lose all the traffic. Nowadays, every individual has internet access on a smartphone, so it is much easier to open the site on the smartphone than on a desktop. So responsiveness should be considered the most crucial component of web designing.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to make your site responsive

  • Install a responsive WordPress theme
  • Use bootstrap to make your website responsive
  • Check your site on every device before launching it.
  • Design a separate web logo for mobiles.

Not enough content :

What will the user do on your site if you don’t have any content? If you are making your blog about smartphones and your website is ranking on specific keywords. No content will lead your site to de-rank. Google is tracking every activity of the user on your site. A high bounce rate of your website will hurt the SEO of your site, so provide enough content to your user. There should be enough content to provide all the information on specific topics to the user. You can add images and youtube videos to make content more understanding.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to solve no content issue

  • Post regularly
  • Write long but relevant information about the topic
  • Add related images and videos
  • User satisfaction must be the first priority while writing content.

Slow loading :

The loading speed of your site is one of the main ranking factors. If your site takes time in the load, you will surely lose traffic even if you have a website with up to date content and with an eye-catching design. According to a study, 53% of visitors leave the site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. You must be amazed knowing about this study. So this is a crucial element of ranking. If you ask me, I would say your site must load in 4 or less than 4 seconds. If it takes more than 4 seconds to load, you are not going to get good traffic.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to make your site load faster

  • Optimize all the images on your website.
  • Use a light theme
  • Use speed up plugins
  • Clear cache of your site every weak.
  • Avoid using excessive javascript.
  • Avoid using large files

Creates irritation :

Sometimes we cannot find the reason why we are losing visitors for our site despite giving great content to users. It is because we avoid simple details. A little mistake can lead your site to lose traffic. Your website must be clean from all the irritation factors. These factors include excessive pop-up ads, music coming from nowhere. Excessive buttons, autoplay videos, and unmanaged content. Avoid all of these factors, or these factors will irritate users, and the user won’t come to your site.

How to fix it?

These are the steps to avoid irritation factors.

  • Don’t use pop up ads
  • Don’t keep videos on autoplay
  • Use a simple theme
  • Don’t use irritating music.

Not have an attractive design :

Another mistake you might be doing while creating a website is choosing a non-attractive design. If your website design attracts the user, it will help you in creating a brand. The user will remember your domain name and might be revisiting your website. An attractive webpage attracts the customer. It doesn’t matter whats the purpose of your site is. If your site has a good design, you will surely get good traffic, but if your site doesn’t have an attractive design, it can be count on a lousy website.

How to fix it?

you can take following steps to make your website attractive

  • create an eye-catching logo
  • use an attractive color scheme
  • use beautiful and elegant theme
  • use eye-catching images

Broken pages :

broken pages mean a page with no content or page that changed path. These webpages are not accessed by the users. If your site has broken pages, you must fix them. If you remove the link of the webpage, but it is still indexed in google, it will be a broken page and google will show 404 not found an error. If your site has too many broken links, it will affect user experience and SEO and you can lose traffic because of an increase in the bounce rate.

How to fix it?                                          

Follow these steps to fix broken pages

  • Always check google crawl errors
  • Recreate the content of a broken page
  • Place return to the homepage button on a broken link

Not providing contact information :

Your site must have a “contact us” page. To build trust, you must have given all the contact information on your website. If a visitor comes on your website but doesn’t find any contact form for his query, he might be thinking of our site as a scam. If you have a website of affiliate marketing, but you don’t have a contact us page, the customer won’t feel confident in your website and will leave it.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to give contact information

  • Create a proper separate page for contact information
  • Put “contact us” page in the main menu
  • Provide your phone number and Gmail on your website.
  • Add contact form widget in footer.

Doesn’t define purpose :

Your website must have a well-defined goal. Many of us create websites without knowing the object, and later we mix up things on our website. We must be clear why we are aking our site. Is it for an affiliate? Is it for absence? Is it for business? Because if we mix up all these things on a website, the user will confuse. So we must set up our website in a way that defines a clear purpose

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to define the purpose of your website

  • Understand your niche before creating a site.
  • Don’t mix information on your website.
  • Everything on the website must be well defined

Lack of social activities :

another reason for your website can be considered bad is your site lack engagement and social events. When a user comes on your site, he wants to engage with peoples to know about their experiences. Either with you or with other people, there must be a communication factor on your website. Users will revisit your site if he wants it engaging.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps to make your site engaging

  • Use social media plugins
  • Use the comment section for communication
  • Provide option to create groups and communities

Conclusion :

in the end, I would say there is a hell lot of competition in the online field. If you want to make a good website, you must avoid every single mistake, just follow this article, and you can avoid some of the common website mistakes. Feel free to comment if you have any queries about this article.


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