10 most trusted online money making sites

trusted online money making sites

Introduction :

In today,s world of unemployment, everyone is looking for a job to make a living. The unemployment rate is increasing rapidly in many countries. Many of you must have opened this article just because you are looking for a website to earn money and make a living. In this article about online earning, I will tell you about the most legit websites to make money online, but you must have some skills to work. I will try to explain how you can start earning from these sites, but you have to explore each of these sites on your own. I hope you can work online and can make a handsome amount.

Before I start, I want to clarify that earning online is not as easy as it looks. Many of the sites are saying that you can earn 500$ in just a day. These kinds of sites are a scam. Please only go for a trusted site if you really want to earn. My primary focus in writing this article is to tell you about legit ways of making money online. So you do not waste your time and investment in any online scam.

10 most trusted online money making sites :

Here is the list of 10 most trusted online money making sites

Youtube :

No doubt youtube is the most trusted website to make money online, but you have to be hardworking and more frequent while working on a youtube. You can make a youtube channel of your interested topic. For example, if you are good at teaching, you can make a channel of online courses. If your lifestyle is good, you can start a vlogging channel. The next step is to monetize your channel to start earning. Creating a channel on youtube is free. You can start working on youtube today. Give your hundred percent and be frequent in uploading videos I am sure you will meet with success.

Fiverr :

Who doesn’t,t about Fiverr? Fiverr is the most used platform for earning and best freelancing websites for newbies. If you have any skill and you want to give services online, you must work on Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that provides you a platform to work with clients from all over the world and earn. Go on fiver, create an account, make a gig on a niche in which you will provide services, and soon you will get the order. Stay online after creating a gig and make at least 5 gigs to get noticed. Creating gigs on Fiverr is free, so don’t wait and make an account today.

Google Adsense :

Another trusted website to earn online. If you have excellent writing skills, I would suggest you make your blog and monetize it through Google Adsense. Google will put ads on your site, and you will earn money with every click on the ad. Here comes little investment. You have to buy a domain and hosting. After a specific time, you will apply for AdSense approval, and once your account is approved, you can put ads on your site. You can learn SEO skills with time to time so u can get more traffic on your blog.

Amazon :

I know you must be thinking why I am putting amazon on this list as it is an online shopping site. No doubt, Amazon is an online shopping site, but you can earn through an Amazon affiliate program. If you are good at SEO, make an amazon affiliate site today. Select a product. See its monthly searches and create a website about it. Put the Amazon affiliate link of the product on your site, and you will get money with every order. Affiliate marketing is the most used platform for earning online nowadays.

Media.net :

Media.net is the best alternative for Google AdSense. Media.net is an advertising network the same as Google Adsense. You can create your website and apply for media.net approval. After approval, media.net will put ads on your site, and you can earn through it. But there are some of the requirements you must have complete to get approved your site from media.net. Original content is the main requirement for any advertisement network. So I will recommend you to write your own original content.

Swagbucks :

There are hundreds of online survey sites that claim to give you money with each survey, but half of these websites are a scam. Swagbucks is the most trustable survey site. I have used it too. You can take part in many surveys. You can play games, watch videos, make an online purchase, and search the web. You get points for every survey than you can redeem your points to gift cards to use for online shopping sites. You can also get cash back from PayPal.

Upwork :

Upwork is the best freelancing websites. You can earn working at your home through Upwork. So if you want to make good use of your skills, then start working on Upwork. You can earn a handsome amount from Upwork. Upwork will keep its commission based on the percentage of what you made from the client. Start working on your skills like graphic designing, web development, animations, and then create your account on Upwork.

Skillshare :

If you have excellent teaching skills and you want to make a community of students where you can teach them and you can earn as well, then you must visit skillshare. Skillshare is a platform where you can teach online and earn money. You can also record videos and make a course. You can teach about fashion, cooking, crafts, science, films, and much more. There is no degree required to start teaching at skillshare. You will get paid for your hard work.

Freelancer :

Another trusted website to earn online is a freelancer. You can do any of job you like at freelancer and earn good money. The client will hire to do the job and you will tell him/her about your skills. With every order, your rank will increase, and there will be a higher chance of getting orders. So go on freelancers today, make your account and start working.

 Fotolia :

Fotolia is a website where you can sell images and get paid. Fotolia is now owned by Adobe, so it is the most trustable photo selling the site. You can earn your best pictures from Fotolia. So if you are a good photographer, what are you waiting for? Go make an account on Fotolia and start earning.

Conclusion :

Earning online isn’t as easy as it looks. Hard work and commitment is a critical component of success in online work. I have explained 10 of the most trustable webistes for earning. Explore these sites to start working. If you have a question about any specific website, feel free to ask me in the comment section.



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