Top 20 search engines in 2020

Top 20 search engines

Search engine :

Before I tell you about the top 20 search engines to use, you must have known what search engine is and why we use different search engines. So a web search engine is simply a software system that is designed to search specific information from the world wide web. When we search any query in a search engine generally, the results are in the form of SERPs (search engine results page). It can also be pictures, videos, infographics, articles, and researched papers. Search engines have become part of our daily life. Let’s take an example of our everyday life. From waking up to until we sleep, we search for many things on the internet. Sometimes we get desired results, and some times we don’t.

Why we different search engines? :

you must be thinking that if our purpose is to search something on every search engine, then why we use various search engines and why there are many search engines. So the answer is simple that every search engine has a different algorithm, so every search engine gives a different result. Google has a different algorithm to rank sites, while Yahoo has a different algorithm to rank websites. So if you aren’t getting the desired outcome of a specific query on google, you should try other search engines for that query.

Top 20 search engines :

Let’s look at the top 20 search engines to use in 2020.

Google :

Google is the most common and efficient search engine. I am sure you have come to my website using google. Google search engine is the most used search engine in the world. Google search engine is dealing with almost 5.5 billion searches every day. In my opinion, Google has the best algorithm to rank websites. If you use search engines for daily life, searches always go for google.

Give it a try: Google

Yahoo :

Yahoo is another popular search engine. Most of you started from yahoo and then shifted to google. Like, google yahoo offers you mail, news, games, and much more. Yahoo is a bigtime competitor of google. Many people think that yahoo is outdated, but it isn’t yahoo still deals with 340 million searches a day.

Give it a try: Yahoo

Bing :

Bing is another competitor of google. Bing was launched in 2009. If you try a Microsoft web browser, you will see bing is a default search engine in Microsoft. If you want to search for videos, go for bing because bing gives results in large thumbnails, so it is easy to navigate. It also has impressive features like translation, flight tracking, and currency conversion, just like google.

Give it a try: Bing

DuckDuckGo :

As you know, Google tracks our every activity. DuckDuckGo takes care of privacy many times I use it just because I don’t want my search engine to track my searches, and DuckDuckGo also gives fantastic user experience. The name of search engine DuckDuckGo refers to children,s game duck, duck, goose.

Give it a try: DuckDuckGo

Baidu :

Baidu is another good search engine. It is the most used and accessible search engine in China. It was founded in 2000. It provides services like maps, news, images, and videos. Many websites are banned on Baidu as it is heavily censored, so if you are not getting the desired result of your query, try the different search engines.

Give it a try: Baidu

Ask :

Ask is a question-answer format search engine. When you search any query in ask, it gives you questin answers related to your query. Ask can be right for you if you are not familiar with other search engines, but if you use search engines like google, yahoo, and bing, then don’t shift to Ask.

Give it a try: Ask

Yandex :

Yandex is the most used and most famous search engine in Russia. It is also renowned in countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, an nd turkey. Yandex provides many services like translators, music, and map. Yandex has a clean interface with maximum functionality.

Give it a try: Yandex

Wolfram Alpha :

Wolfram doesn’t gibe results like SERPs. It gives results based on facts of the query. If you are searching for science, technology, or daily life queries, it will provide you a conclusion based on facts. Just like DuckDuckGo, this search engine doesn’t track your activities, so you can work with peace of mind.

Give it a try: Wolfram Alpha

Start page :

Start page takes care of your privacy, just like DuckDuckGo and Wolfram Alpha.  The start page is the most secure search engine with maximum privacy. It doesn’t track any of your activities. It also allows you to browse anonymously. It has a clean and elegant interface.

Give it a try: Start page

 Excite :

Excite is not a very used and accessible search engine, but still, it has importance because it gives services like email, news, messaging, and weather updates. It also has updates about the latest trends.

Give it a try: Excite

 Yippy :

Yippy is another search engine that takes care of your privacy. You can search about websites, images, and videos on yippy. It doesn’t give you any results of our query, but you cause filters to get results of a specific question.

Give it a try: Yippy

 Qwant :

Qwnat will never record your personal information. It won’t use your data for advertisements too. Qwant has an elegant interface that provides you service to search for news, social media, and music.

Give it a try: Qwant

 SearX :

SearX offers a source code of search engines. You can use it as your own search engine on your server. SearX is famous for its fast and precise results.

Give it a try: SearX

 Lycos :

Lycos is another good search engine. It provides various services like mailing, hosting, social networking, and different entertainment websites. On Lycos, you can also search for available jobs and weather information.

Give it a try: Lycos

 Gibiru :

If you don’t want any other computer to track your history or you want to search your queries with changed IP, you should go for gibiru. Gibiru will provide you personal searching facility with a changed IP address.

Give it a try: Gibiru

 Lukol :

Lukol is a search engine like google, but the difference is lukol doesn’t track your information. If you want to do searches on google but worried about your privacy, then go for lukol. It is a simple and elegant search engine with a lot of functionalities.

Give it a try: Lukol

 Swisscows :

Swisscows is a secured private browser that doesn’t track any of your information like personal data, IP addresses, and activities. Parents who want a safe browser for their children can go for swisscown as it is free from any kind of pornography.

Give it a try: Swisscows

 Search Encrypt :

It is also a secured browser that makes sure any of user,s information must not leak. As its name shows, it used encryption for the safety of the user. Another benefit of Search Encrypt is it automatically removes your search history after every 15 minutes of inactivity.

Give it a try: Search Encrypt

 Boardreader :

Boardreader is a search engine famous for messages and forums. You can search for the different forums and can apply filters of date and language. If you want to do content research, you can use a boardreader.

Give it a try: Boardreader

 Ecosia :

Ecosia is such a fantastic search engine, you know why? Because of revenue generated with every search goes to tree plantation scheme of ecosia. Average 45 searches are needed for a single tree. So don’t wait to go and search on Ecosia.

Give it a try: Ecosia

Conclusion :

Every search engine has its own features, and you can use different search engines for various purposes. If you are a daily user, I would recommend you to use google. I explained the top 20 search engines in this article. If you still have any questions about any of the search engines, feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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