Technology solutions. How technology is the solution to many problems in 2020?

technology solutions

before I tell you about technology solutions. I would like to make you understand what technology is? And how it can be used as a solution to many new problems. You can find hundreds of elaborate definitions of technology on the internet. But technology is simply a use of scientific knowledge to make or run applications. Here from the application, I don’t mean the apps that you download from the play store. I mean anything that we form through scientific knowledge. Gaming companies like Roblox let developers create games online through their gaming studio technology. you can also insert Roblox music codes while playing those games

Types of technology :

Now there are many types of technology. Some of the significant kinds are

  • Information technology
  • Medical technology
  • Communication technology
  • Management technology

In this article, I would talk about the first type the technology because I think information technology describes the technology solutions best.

Information technology :

Information technology is the usage of computers to store, retrieve, and manipulate data. Of course, this is a bit of technical definition, and you find it hard to understand. So I would explain it very simply. How about information technology is the type of technology that is used to solve organizational and business problems. Information technology is the most basic type of technology in today,s world. people make money online through websites all because of information technology. Let’s talk about the importance of information technology that’s how it providing solutions to different problems.

Importance of information technology in the business area :

technology solutions

Computers have changed the world of business organisations. Every department has the usage of information technology. Even a small general store has a selling software that keeps the record of everyday sales. This software has an extensive database that can store data of many years. If we talk about online business, then information technology has made it so easy to do shopping online. Websites like Alibaba, Amazon, Aliexpress are generating massive revenue by online sales. Imagine how big their databases are.

Importance of information technology in finance :

Here from finance, I mean the banks and digital currency. It is the responsibility of every band to secure the money. There is always a danger of hackers while doing online transaction. Information technology is trying its best to deal with any threat. Without information technology, all these transactions would be so complicated.

It is so easy to send and receive money now. If you want to send money to someone in your country or outside your country you can do it in minutes with all security. Websites like western union allow you to send money in minutes outside the country. Imagine running out of money when you are far from home. No worry you have your debit card just go to the nearest atm, and you can withdraw cash. That’s how information technology is changing the finance area.

Importance of information technology in medical :

information technology medicaal

Information technology has many applications in the medical field. Many apps allow you to find the best doctor for you. These apps keep your data. Your medical information is secure through information technology. If we go behind of time, doctors used to keep a record on paper, and it was tough to save it. But now everything is on the computer.

Ultrasound, MRI, scans help doctors to capture a detailed view of your organs. There are many fitness tracker health watches available. These watches track daily life activities like heart rate, blood pressure, calories burnt, sleep monitor.

Importance of information technology in education :

If you ask me in which area information technology has the most impact, I would say education. The online education is increasing day by day. Google classroom has given the education system a new shape. Busy students can easily submit their assignments through google classroom. Online lectures on zoom applications have become common.

The class management system keeps data of every student. Students can check their results, attendance, and course outline anytime they want. There are hundreds of online classes available you can enroll in those courses and even get a certificate. Information technology has really changed the way of education, and many types of research are going in this field.

Technology solutions :

Now I will tell you the list of technology projects that can be a solution to many problems. These solutions can be for any thematic area. These upcoming and already developed projects show how fantastic technology is making our lives easier.

Leap motion :

Leap Motion is an American company that developed a device of leap motion. Through this device, you can interact with the computer without any device. It doesn’t require any hand touching. You can interact with the computer just by signs. All you need is a leap motion device then you can interact with the computer. People with n fingers can use this device to communicate with the computer. This is something a great invention.

3D printing :

Now, this is something incredible. I am telling you 3D printing is the future. Through 3D printer, you can create 3D objects by giving the command from your computer. You make a design from your computer and a 3D printer makes that object. You can even do burger toping through the 3D printer. Food flavors are added to the printer, and then you tell which burger you want. This technology has given many solutions to problems.

LumiWatch :

The regular watch has a limited display. But lumiwatch has extended show. It works through a 15-lumen projector. When you wear it outside the projector displays the view on your wrist. There is a whole research paper about this invention. Robert xiao and yang zhang are the students who are working on this project. This project will help people to view the screen more easily and clearly. This project falls in human interaction.

Wall++ :

If you notice the most significant area of the room, then it is a wall. And we make no use of this mostly the walls ae use for hang pictures or to make shelves. So researches came up with the idea that what about the wall that can control the activities of the home. So they developed a wall++. The lights on this wall adjust intensity when you turn on or turn off the tv like this; it controls many more activities.

Detection depression :

Depression is the biggest problem nowadays, and peoples seem to feel uncomfortable talking about this so the researchers are making a system that can detect depression. This will help a lot and people will feel comfortable telling about depression. You can discover your depression sitting at home, and you can care about your health.

Conclusion :

So technology is turning the world in a better place. It is making everything easy. And technology is providing many solutions in every field. I would say you get in touch with many information related articles so you can know a lot more about it.


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