Ellipse tool How to use ellipse tool in photoshop and illustrator?

Ellipse tool

Ellipse tool :

Photoshop and illustrator offer some geometric shapes for designing. Ellipse tool is one of them. It is a circle shape tool used to make various shapes. With the ellipse tool, you can draw an ellipse of any type, and you can fill it with any color. You can put a border around the ellipse.

Uses of ellipse tool :

You can use the ellipse tool to

  • Make ellipse shape of any type
  • Draw exact circle
  • Make an oval shape
  • Circle of any size

Ellipse tool in photoshop :

Ellipse tool
ellipse tool in PS

In photoshop ellipse tool is just below the type tool. It is used to make various types of ellipse shapes. But these shapes will be raster, not vector. After creating a shape, you can manage it as you want. You can change its size, color, and border width.

How to use the ellipse tool in photoshop :

Ellipse tool
random shape circle

Follow these steps to learn how to use the ellipse tool in photoshop.

  • Go to the ellipse tool and select it.
  • Keep your mouse cursor where you want to draw an ellipse
  • Click and drag the mouse
  • Draw ellipse of the desired size.
  • Press Ctrl+T to change the size of the ellipse.

Draw shape of a perfect circle :

Ellipse tool
perfect shape circle

If you want to draw a circle of perfect shape, then follow these steps

  • Select ellipse tool
  • While dragging the mouse press shift key.
  • Now you can make a circle of perfect shape means with equal radius.
  • Another way to make an equal radius circle is to press the Alt+Shift key together. Now the circle will grow with all sides with the same radius.

Choose color and stroke width :

Ellipse tool
color and stroke options

After you have made an ellipse now, its time to fill it with color and stroke. When you draw ellipse photoshop provides you plenty of options to make it attractive. You can choose to fill color, stroke color, and you can also manage the width of the ellipse. After making ellipse select it with the path selection tool, and now you can see different options on the top bar. You can change colors from these options. Choose fill to change the color of the inside area of the circle. Choose the stroke to change border color and width.

Creating more than one ellipse in photoshop :

Sometimes your project requires more than 1 ellipse. You can make a new ellipse on a new layer. It is always best practice to make a new layer with creating a unique shape. Then you can give color and styling to every ellipse separately. You can also overlap two ellipse shapes.

A video representation of the ellipse tool in photoshop :

Ellipse tool in Illustrator :

In illustrator, the ellipse tool is below type tool and besides paintbrush tool. Same as in photoshop, the ellipse tool in illustrator is used to make ellipse of any shape and a perfect circle shape. The ellipse drawn in illustrator will be vector means its quality wont change when you will resize it. Like photoshop illustrator also gives you many options to change the styling of an ellipse

How to use the ellipse tool in illustrator :

Follow these steps to use the ellipse tool in illustrator

  • Select ellipse tool
  • Point your mouse cursor in the area of the workspace
  • Now click and drag the mouse to make an ellipse
  • You can change size just by selecting the ellipse with the Selection tool.

Draw perfect circle :

Ellipse tool
perfect shape circle

Drawing perfect circle shape in illustrator is the same as drawing it on photoshop.

  • Select ellipse tool to draw the circle
  • Press Shift while dragging the mouse
  • Now you can make a perfect circle shape with an equal radius.
  • Press Alt+Shift and drag the mouse. Now the circle will grow from all sides.

Choosing the color and stroke width of the ellipse :

Ellipse tool
top bar color and stroke option

you might want to give color to an ellipse. To give ellipse a color, select it with the Selection tool. Then go to the default fill and stroke color option of illustrator and select the fill and stroke color of the circle. To change the width of the ellipse, go to the top bar after selecting it, there you will find the stroke width option. Set it to the desired value.

Creating more than one ellipse in illustrator :

Ellipse tool
creating more then one ellipse

Creating more than one ellipse in, the illustrator is much easier than photoshop. Now press the Alt key you will see the double cursor. After it appears to drag the ellipse to make its copy. To repeat the process press Ctrl+D, it will create many copies. There is no need to make a new layer in illustrator as it makes the default layer of every object and you can select every object separately.

A video representation of the ellipse tool in illustrator :


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